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About Fausto Industry

•Ningbo Fausto Industry Limited  is a professional manufactory in designing and manufacturing casting moulds, die casting product such as aluminum die casting,zinc die casting,and other alloy die casting product.

•Our Company located at the east of Ningbo City,Zhejiang,China PRC, near Beilun Horbar Port,covers the area of 12000 M2  ( 129600 Square feet ), and the building area is 9000 M2  ( 97200 Square feet ).

•We design and manufacture full set of casting moulds with advanced technology such as CAD and CAM. Our Equipments includes more then 30 major lastest technology CNC Machining centers, CNC lathes and other machine tools. Also includes 7 die casting machines ranges from 180T to 1000T. Our annual manufacture capacity is 3000T.

ISO9001 QMS: We strictly manage our factory under ISO 9001 quality management system, in order to assure the stability of the products and satisfy our customers all around the world.

•Our main product includes following

-Die Casting Auto Parts

Aluminum Die casting gasket oil pan/sump oil panTransmission gearbox houseing

-Die casting parts for auto car lamps, auto car lightings system.
-Die casting oil pans for auto parts.
-Die casting car throttle body.
-Die casting car mirror brackets.
-Die casting car transmission gear box housing.
-Die casting parts for other industry appliances beside automobile industry.

  • Motorcycle parts
  • Bike parts
  • ATV All Terrain Vehicle parts
  • Linghting  fixtures parts 
  • LED parts
  • Communicator parts
  • Other casting parts. 


Our Mold products ranges:

  • Casting mold 
  • Stamping  mold
  • Plastic injection mold

Factory outer view

Office building                                            



 For Die casting and mold manufacture.


Molding Workshop                                                                     Molds stocking area


CNC machine centers                                                             CNC machine tools.


Processing machines                                                              Die-casting workshops.


Zic alloy Die-casting workshops.                                             Hot chamber die-casting workshops.

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